Rhebokskraal Olive Estate

"What better fruit to cultivate on land so unspoilt and humble, than the olive?"- Annalien van der Colff

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Come visit our Farm Stall, Villagers in McGregor for a taste of our great olives. If you are too far away, don't worry, make your selection here and enjoy but remember that orders of 24 or more will work out more economically as the courier fee out of the Cape region will be more.

Rhebokskraal Olive Estate

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Ek bly in 'n Skildery

Recipe Book

The Afrikaans version of the Recipe book carefully thought through by Rhebokskraal's own Annalien van der Colff. Ek bly in 'n Skildery... en toor met olywe!

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